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SND #37 Siege Tactics & Complicit Cops at the Venezuelan Embassy w/Al Suarez

Electricity and water have been cut to the Venezuelan Embassy in DC. The people inside have cobbled together DIY rainwater collection systems for survival. The DC Metro Police and the Secret Service turn a blind eye (or participate in) to the violence being committed by Guaido's supporters against the Embassy Protectors. But you can help! If you can get yourself to DC, please join with Code Pink and the protectors on the ground there. You can also call your representative/senator. Seriously. Blow up their phones about this atrocity. Call DC Water and ask them why they're helping Trump violate international law. Call PepCo and ask the same.

PepCo DC: (202)421-7239
DC Water 24hr Emergency Line: (202)-612-3400
DC Water M-F Customer Service: (202)-354-3600

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