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SND Live w/Jason Carney! Melzer Interview Deep Dive, Zerohedge, Legal Shrooms & More

Nils Melzer, UN Special Rapporteur on Torture, gave a rare interview to Republik magazine earlier in the week. It's a masterclass on the true history of Julian Assange's persecution by the US government and their lapdogs in Sweden, the UK, and Ecuador. This is a must read:

Zerohedge was the latest victim of Twitter censorship this week. Ostensibly booted for "doxxing"(it wasn't doxxing, btw), the underground website- in reality- was removed for their in-depth reporting, from outside the official narrative, on the Coronavirus outbreak in China. Here's the article that got them nuked from Twitter:
You can read Zerohedge's response to this Orwellian action here:

Shrooms, bitch! We got 'em! Santa Cruz, CA became the third city in the US to decriminalize psychedelic mushrooms. Big thanks to Project New Day and past guest of the show, Santa Cruz mayor Justin Cummings for taking this leap into the realm of ancient medicine.

Thanks for checking out the show! Good luck to us all!