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SND Live! A Good Week For Wikileaks, Epstein Updates, Leaked FBI Doc & More

A lawsuit filed by the DNC against Wikileaks, Julian Assange, and a host of other alleged co-conspirators was dismissed with prejudice last Tuesday. Judge John Koeltl cited the Pentagon Papers and grave concerns over the 1st amendment in his dismissal, setting a legal precedent that immensely benefits Julian Assange's defense against charges levied by the US government.
Steve and the chat crew discuss the mass shooting in El Paso.
Over a million documents will be released in the discovery phase of Jeffery Epstein's trial. The likelihood of Bill Clinton getting wrapped up in this trial is discussed, as well as Epstein's weird ass desire to seed the planet with his own DNA.
An FBI document leaked revealed that conspiracy theories are the REAL gateway drug to becoming a violent extremist. By the FBI's own definition, Rachel Maddow should be on a red flag watch list for pushing Russiagate the last few years.

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