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SND #42 Whitney Webb Talks On Her Groundbreaking Epstein Report!

Award winning journalist, Whitney Webb, joins Steve to discuss her earth-shattering series in MintPress News. The first installment details the origin story of sex/child peddling for blackmail operations that have now, as Whitney lays out to the audience, come to define who runs the US & other governments, industries, and their intelligence agencies.

Both the providers and buyers of children for sex, and the blackmail these horrific actions produced, appear to have come under the stewardship of long-time political powerhouse, Roy Cohn. Mentor to both Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump, Cohn died from AIDS-related illness in 1986. Within years, the Franklin Scandal rose and fell, while Jeffrey Epstein began making his mark (and finding his marks) in the upper echelons of society.

Throughout this amazing interview, Whitney and Steve connect the dots from Meyer Lansky to J. Edgar Hoover, Roy Cohn and William Casey, Bill Barr, Elliott Abrahms, Barbara Walters, and Donald Trump. If you're currently supporting independent content creators, consider supporting the independent outlets we source on our shows. MintPress is entirely reader funded.
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