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SND Live! Israel Caught Spying On The US! Again! Propaganda On TV, & More

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Politico dropped a familiar bombshell on Monday, revealing that once again, the Israelis have been caught spying on American soil. You can read their summary of events here:

This latest round of spying continues a tradition of Israeli cyberintelligence division, Unit 8200. Whitney Webb detailed the myriad tech start-ups turned government contractors who worked for or, in cases, ran Unit 8200 on this episode of Slow News Day (this bit starts at 48:57)
Her MintPress article detailing these connections appeared Sept. 6th. For those keeping score at home, that's twice now in the last two months that Whitney has dropped a ton of details about work she hadn't published yet. Which is pretty bad ass, considering the Serena Shim award and all. Anyhoo, here's the article:

Amazon Prime's trailer for Jack Ryan is the most batshit crazy piece of propaganda I've seen in a hot minute. They gonna have people talking about a nuclear Venezuela by xmas.