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SND Live! Jeremy Hammond Called To Testify In Espionage Court, WTF, DARPA? & More

Jeremy Hammond, of Stratfor email hack fame, was transferred from his medium security prison in TN due to being called by the Eastern District of Virginia to testify in front of a grand jury. That's the same court currently imposing punitive and draconian fines on, and incarceration of, Chelsea Manning. The same court where Julian Assange would stand trial. At this time, it's assumed that's exactly why he's heading to Virginia. As long as Manning stays defiant, the US government needs someone new to try and break. You can read about this here:

I cite a WhiteOutPress article which summarizes some of the key drops in the Stratfor emails

DARPA, the shadowy research arm of the military industrial complex, is concerned you might be exposed to fake news on social media, so they're going to fix that for you. I'm sure you feel as good about that as I do.

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