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SND Live w/Jason Carney! Sunday Improv On The Deck

One of the more frustrating things about living in a fucking cartoon is that in order to put out real information, we in independent media are forced to combat the rewriting of real time along with the past. It further complicates the situation when people who are involved in both "independent media" and political organizations are ultimately delivering the same core message as corporate "news". Steve and Jason open the show by discussing this fact and calling attention to the people most responsible for being the premiere network for the establishment narrative on youtube.

Also joining the live stream today is Andrew Smith, co-founder of Action For Assange and co-shot of the new #FreeAssange vigil series. We talk about decentralized activism, how social media can be used as an expression of that activism without becoming a time suck and dopamine source, the continued persecution of Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange, and the activism being done on behalf of them and for free speech.

Link to the article referenced in the stream about the shock collars for security guards:

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