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SND Live! Bolivian Coup, The Death Of Youtube?, & More!

Rather than face the shame of letting another democratic election take place in a South American country, the Trump Administration, OAS, the CIA, and, in this case, Christian, far-right fascists led by Luis Fernando Camacho overthrew Bolivia's president Evo Morales. Forced to resign and seek asylum (which was granted) in Mexico, Morales now finds himself in an even worse situation than was recently liberated, former Brazilian president Lula. And while the cardinal sin Morales committed was being born indigenous, he was additionally guilty of using Bolivian resources to feed, house, and educate the poor in his nation. His most recent crime was attempting to nationalize Bolivia's lithium reserves- some 60-70% the planet has to offer.
Here's the Grayzone article cited in today's stream:
And the piece from Common Dreams re: lithium-

Youtube stated in their most recent email to content creators that as of Dec. 10th, at the sole discretion of YT, any channel deemed "not commercially viable" will be subject to deletion. This particular channel isn't monetized, and I highly doubt they'd let a single one of my videos through if it were. I have no plans to stop producing shows. Backups are being made of some of the livestreams. I'm looking into Rokfin and some other platforms. I have a Patreon, should you decide to add this show to the independent media you currently support: